Welcome to the NAPA family!  NAPA is not just a training institute for the Performing Arts, it is a place where your child is nurtured and valued as a whole being. It is said that it takes a whole village to raise a child, so we encourage all our families at NAPA to be part of our village. Whether your child is going to be a performer or embarking on another career, we develop positive working relationships, confidence, creative thinking, positive attitudes, and respect for others and their environment. This is done through the following: 

Studio Spirit Awards – this is a reward system for demonstrating positive attitudes, good deeds and support of each other as well as commitment and reaching personal goals. Students can “dob each other in” for instances that show positive studio spirit. Rewards of Bronze, Silver and Gold are awarded at our Gala Awards evening for those reaching target levels. We also ask that parents be part of this by keeping conversations positive and respectful at NAPA as we hope that every parent and teacher will be a good role model for our students.

Cherub/ Games room –is for students whilst waiting for classes or to be picked up, they can play board games or sit around and chat in our specially assigned room.  This is a food and technology free zone. Playing board games is a great opportunity to make friends, socialise and interact in a positive way. The room has the ambience of a home lounge room to ensure our cherubs feel at home at NAPA.

Foyer and Canteen –In the foyer of the theatre we have tables and chairs for students and parents to eat.  The canteen provides healthy snacks and sometimes meals which will assist busy parents who have no time to provide something for afterschool hungry appetites. This service relies heavily on parent volunteers and is the main source of income for the P & F where the profits are used to benefit the children. This is a fantastic opportunity to help out and become involved in our NAPA family.  A roster is situated on the canteen bench so please don’t hesitate to add your name.  The more helpers the more we spread the load to a manageable amount of volunteer time. If each parent did one shift during the year, we would be able to run the canteen every afternoon.

P & F -this has been formed to raise extra funds to improve conditions and resources for our students.  Since it’s commencement the P & F have donated money for fans in our studios and air-conditioning in our private studios. As we are renting the building, this does not benefit the NAPA directors in anyway, the money directly benefits our children. Their big project item during 2018 was to pay for the installation of an insulated ceiling in the theatre. This was completed at the start of 2019 and will go a long way in reducing the temperature and the noise from heavy rain in our theatre. In this way, more can be planned for the summer months and our students will gain more from class when not feeling so hot. The canteen and foyer area will also be refurbished once the funds have been raised. It also has been suggested we need shade sails in our outdoor area, air-conditioning in the theatre and some additional acrobatic mats. All parents are members of the P & F and are encouraged to attend meetings and offer suggestions as to how you would like the P & F to spend any funds raised. Some of our wonderful parents continually donate prizes for our raffles and this has gone a long way in helping to raise funds. Please support all fundraising ventures by the P& F as the quicker we raise funds for projects the quicker our students reap the benefits.

Social Events –We organise a few social events throughout the year and once again this relies on parent helpers. It is important that our families support these events as they are a wonderful way of our children socialising with other students not necessarily in their class in a fun filled social event. Keeping children busy with training and social events goes along way in helping to raise a well-adjusted child that has little time to get up to too much mischief. Past years have included themed party and movie nights, open mic and talent quests. For all the family to enjoy, we also have a number of cabaret nights by alumni students who are now professionals as well as parents, teachers and supporters of NAPA. 

Counselling – As Head of the Arts for many years at a high school Miss Lynn has had a lot of training and experience in behavioural management and counselling.  She is happy to counsel children who need some intervention and also to work with parents to help and support in any way possible. Our teachers are only too happy to offer support and guidance for children needing advice to cope with pressures of competition or career pathways or in how to achieve goals.

Help needed –The work and expense in turning these 2 factories into what we have today has been enormous.  As well as the infrastructure we are staging an enormous amount of performances. Laurie, Lynn and Kim have put in a massive amount of hours preparing the building and the shows, as well as keeping the place clean on top of our normal duties. If you can offer assistance in set construction, costume making and sorting, art work, cleaning etc we would love to have your help. Please make yourself known to Laurie and inform him on how you can contribute.

What to expect when you register online  

You can register for classes online from our website at www.napa.com.au. 

·     First click on the ‘Enrol Now’ tab. Another window will open, and you will be asked to fill in the registration form. 

·     Once completed you will be given login details for your own portal. From here you will have access to a variety of things. 

·     You can now Enrol your child in classes by clicking on the register for classes tab. All available classes will then be shown, and you can scroll down and tick on the classes you wish to Enrol in. 

·     Prices per month are shown to the right of each class. You also have the option to drop a class should you wish to. 

·     From the portal you can also see a calendar for your child’s classes which will also show any other activities on at NAPA including the times and location of the studio in which the class is held.  

·     Payments for all fees can also be made from the portal via either credit card or PayPal. 

·     There is also a notice / message board which will be used to notify you of any changes etc to your schedule along with the emails and notes sent home. 

·     There is an online store to the portal which will allow you to purchase costumes and or uniforms. The store is made active once stock for uniforms and costumes are received, at which time an email will be sent out to notify you that it is open. Once ordered and paid for you will then be able to collect your purchase from reception. We will keep you informed as to when this option will be available. 

·     Should you forget how to access your portal there is a link from our website. Click on the ‘Parent Portal’ tab and then type in your log in details. If you can’t remember your log in details, contact reception and Laurie can resend them to you.

·     Please note that you will not be able to register for extra classes if your account for current classes is in debit. 


·     All fees are calculated based on a year’s tuition and then divided into 10 monthly payments from February – November each year.

·     It is a requirement that you register for AutoPay when enrolling in order to select classes. If you do not wish to use the Autopay system then you will need to make arrangements with reception to pay tuition fees in advance in order to enrol your child for classes.

·     All accounts are debited for all outstanding amounts on the 1stof each month. A 10% administration charge will apply for failed transactions on AutoPay debits.

·     Failure to pay tuition fees on time will result in your child being unable to attend classes until the account is brought up to date. There are no exceptions to this.

·     Laurie Dyer at reception [email protected] your point of contact for discussion of fees and fee payment.  He is also responsible for enrolment.

·     Fees can be paid by Cash, EFT, Credit Card or direct Deposit.

·     When using direct deposit please ensure you have the correct account: 

Heritage Bank 

BSB: 638-060

ACC: 14150492

Please use your child’s name as a reference.


Here are a few guidelines around expectations and operations:

·     We do not have parents watching classesas it is distracting for the students. It is important they focus on their skill development and feel comfortable to take risks, which is not done with an audience. However, at times we ask you to sit in to provide an audience for the kids when they are refining skills.  We also have parents visit classes more frequently for our preschool children.

·     Please do not enter a room when a class is operatingas it disrupts the student learning, unless an emergency or pre-arranged that you are picking up your child early. 

·     If you need to talk to a teacher, please email them to arrange an appointment. It is important you don’t try to catch them in-between classes as it makes them late for their next class. Also, if they do have a spare few minutes it may be the only time they have to get something to eat or even go to the toilet, so please be mindful of this.

·     Please do not wait outside the dance roomsas there is little space in the corridor and this needs to be free for easy access to rooms.  It is also a safety issue as we need to know of any adult in the proximity of children. The foyer is the best place to wait or you can play games with the kids in the games room – they love it when a parent joins in.

·     Please ensure that you update contact detailsas soon as they change.  Emails are a main form of communication as well as Facebook so please ensure we keep you updated through these forms.  Copies of notes are put on the board in the foyer.

·     Drive with great cautionwhen entering our car park. Children are in this area and it horrifies us at the speed some cars come in to our driveway. 

·     Please come and collect your child after class from the foyer or cherub retreat areaif they are primary school age, we don’t want children waiting on the road

·     Please ensure you are on time to drop off and pick-up. Teachers have had to wait with children more than an hour for them to be picked up.  This is unfair on the teacher after a long day of teaching or rehearsal.  They also may have to be somewhere at a certain time themselves. Unforeseen things do happen, but we ask that you contact us if you are going to be late as alternative arrangements may need to be made. Also, please thank the teacher for waiting, we have many that have not even acknowledged that the teacher has waited with their child for such a long time – very disheartening.

·     When attending a show, please be aware that it is our volunteers and staff who work front of house for no payment. To help us out please take your rubbish with you and put it in the bin. It is important children learn to do the same. Also please alert front of house volunteers regarding any spillage as this can be a hazard.

·     Please ensure your children are respectful when using the toiletas this is a shared facility.  A conversation with girls as to how to dispose of sanitary napkins correctly and boys how to use a urinal correctly, is very important. We have had some shocking ‘clean-ups’ in the past and as the directors do this, it is not an effective use of our time and it is disappointing that some have so little respect for our NAPA home.

DRESS CODE (see more detail here)


·     For dance classes we have a dance uniform that can be purchased at reception or online. Eisteddfod classes must wear the uniform to every lesson, other dance classes can either wear our NAPA uniform or other appropriate dance gear (leotard, leggings, dance shorts, crop top, fitted singlet).  Hair must be off the face and shoulders in a neat bun or ponytail.All Ballet students must have their hair in a neat bun and in full ballet attire. Shoes - Jazz shoes can be black or tan (Bloch or Capezio split sole).  Ballet shoes – elastic for class and ribbons must be sewn on for exams

·     Music Theatre and Acting – casual clothing that allows freedom of movement. We ask that students wear a NAPA T-shirt as much as possible. Do not wear thongs, sandals, skirts, dresses or jewellery. Hair must be off the face and shoulders in a neat bun or ponytail.


For new parents not used to having their child in a show might find it difficult to understand the time and level of commitment required. Although children learn techniques and skills in term one, once they are in a show, they are still learning in the most rewarding way and the teachers are still teaching in the most effective way. 

·     If your child has a small role, do not underestimate the learning that takes place and the demand on their time. Whatever the role they still learn stagecraft, need to remember blocking, choreography and songs in a musical, characterisation and focus. 

·     Cast cannot afford to miss any rehearsalas we need to stick to a tight schedule and do not have time to catch children up on sections missed. 

·     If you child is sick, we expect them to get with someone from the cast who can help them with the sections they have missed or have it videoed to practise at home.

·      It is important parents read the rehearsal schedule thoroughlyand mark rehearsals on a calendar. 

·     Ensure you understand what role your child is playingso you have them at the right rehearsal time.  If you have problems getting them to a rehearsal, please talk to other parents who may be able to help out. 

·     It is important you check performance dates on our calendar at the beginning of the year, so you keep the rehearsal and performance period free. 

·     Although most costumesare provided by NAPA there maybe some items that you need to purchase or bring from home. Please don’t leave this to the last minute as somethings may not be easy to find in a short space of time. 

·     Check hair and make-up requirements. If you struggle with any of this often a parent who has been with us for awhile will help you if the teachers are busy, or email or make an appointment with a teacher to ask for any clarification.

·     Bookings for showscan be done from our website through our Dance Pro online booking system. Click on the ‘Online Tickets Here’ tab and follow the instructions. Productions are very expensive at it is hard to even break even if we don’t sell out so we encourage you to bring family and friends to as many of our productions as possible. Our productions are most enjoyable. We are well known for our high standard of performance. It is great to see our students attend productions they are not in, as not only does it show support of others it broadens their knowledge of plays and musicals. 

·     Video recordings and photo taking is not permitted in the performances. We have a professional photographer taking photos and these will be provided for you. Video recording is often not permitted according to the Rights.  If it is allowed, we will record the performance for you.

·     Do not go backstage unless you are an assigned helper. Not only is it embarrassing for children getting changed, it is distracting prior to the show as children are trying to focus on the task ahead. Even more importantly, it is against child safety guidelines. Children will be checked out after a show so please wait outside the dance building and make yourself known to the personnel at the door as you take your child away and then they will be marked off a roll.

What to expect if your child is in an Eisteddfod team (More details here)

·     A huge commitment.  There are many competitions and performances at various locations throughout the year.  We give you the dates as they are released to us so it’s impossible to give you every one of them at the start of the year. Sometimes we are invited to perform at various events throughout the year so these will have less notice. Attendance to all performances is imperative. Parents will need to transport their children to these performances and ensure that nothing conflicts with the schedule.

·     Students missing classesfor reasons other than illness or an important school commitment may be removed from part or all of eisteddfod routines.

·     Team uniform must be worn at all classes

·     Take the cost into consideration before auditioning: - accommodation and travel to eisteddfods away from home; hiring or purchase of performance costumes, uniform costs

·     Great working relationshipsthrough working as a team

·     Bonding with likeminded performers 

·     A chance to work at an elite levelenhancing skills and techniques

·     An opportunity to help reach goals 

VATE LESSONS  (More details here)

·     We offer private lessons in solo, duo or trio eisteddfod performances in Dance, Acting and Singing. 

·     For those looking to obtain credentials we also offer Acting and Musical private lesson through the Trinity Guildhall examination system.

·     For those wanting a career in the entertainment industry, book for elite private tuition with Miss Hollie who offers Acting for Camera, Acting for Stage, and Vocal Repertoire for performances, exams, or auditions

·     Bookings can be made through our online booking system

·     If your child is going to miss their lesson, it is important you give the tutor plenty of notice as many come in or wait behind especially for the lesson. Therefore, ensure you have the tutors contact details in case the class is outside office hours.


We pride ourselves on providing multiple forms of parent contact to ensure it is reaching parents in some form that works for them. However, communication falls down if parents don’t read the notes.  This happens frequently, and it is very frustrating for the staff who have gone to great trouble in providing the information only to be not read by the receiver.  We ask that you read the information below carefully and read all correspondence thoroughly.

·     Our main form of communication is by emailif you wish to discuss fees, enrolments, show bookings, volunteering, absences or have general enquiries contact Laurie – [email protected]  If you want to discuss anything related to dance, private lessons and eisteddfods contact Kim – [email protected] For enquiries regarding acting, productions, social events, issues regarding your child or sponsorship contact Lynn - [email protected]

·     Schedules sent home will also be posted on the board in the foyer.  Schedules and notes will also be put on our website - Youth/Notes Home, so please check regularly and read thoroughly (we are frequently asked questions where the information is in the note)

·     Weekly news – Each week a news email will be sent to you, communicating upcoming events, recent achievements, reminders and other related news.

·     Facebook– a great place to post achievements and reminders of events. Facebook Groups are also established to target specific groups that require information not relevant to the rest of the studio. 

·     Please ensure that you update contact detailsas soon as they change

·     If you have any problems or concernswith the studio, please don’t stew on it, make an appointment to see Lynn so we can discuss and act on your concerns. We ask that you make us aware of your problems so we can address it in a positive way.

·     We love hearing success stories

-       of your child’s achievements outside of NAPA so please email [email protected] successful thing your child has done that you think can go on our Brag Board in the Foyer for the week.

-       of how NAPA is helping your child. Feel free to rate us on our website or write letters of recommendation. The success and improvements of your child makes all our hard work worthwhile.