History of N.A.P.A

The National Academy of Performing Arts (N.A.P.A.) was established in 2006 in response to the growing need for a production-based training institution on the Gold Coast, that lays the foundation for a career as a professional performer. A growing number of parents and students were looking for a more serious approach to a training institution. Responding to this demand, proprietors Lynn Dyer and Kim Reynolds focus is on assisting the talented and dedicated students who wish to seek employment in the theatre and entertainment industry in the future. The experiences we offer instill a love for this art form and improve creative and communication skills.

Production Based Training

N.A.P.A. is different from other training institutions in that we relate our training to a specific performance context rather than repetitive exercises and games. We believe that students develop greater performance skills through rehearsal and performance rather than lessons isolated in a classroom. All classes are therefore given performance opportunities with high expectations. Students are also encouraged to participate in social events and excursions to performances. This fosters real team spirit and an appreciation for the Performing Arts. The greater the student involvement, the more performance and life skills learnt.

Working With Parents

Parents play an important role at the Academy. Many very talented parents have offered their services and time in costume construction, set painting, art work, advertising, front of house, prop construction, canteen and bar operations. This has been invaluable to our infrastructure and greatly appreciated. Parental encouragement and support for our students is vital to their success and goes a long way in building parent/child relationships.