how do i get a place in a Eisteddfod tEAM?

Admittance to our Eisteddfod teams is by invitation or audition only.

Due to the high expectations of our eisteddfod team members, limited places will be offered.  Current team members will not automatically be placed in performance dance classes. All current and new students will be required to attend an audition. If not placed in a eisteddfod dance class, children will attend one of the technique dance classes.  

are there any compulsory classes?


*All under 10's & 12's team members (regardless of styles/teams enrolled in) must attend a weekly ballet class. Under 15's team members must attend a weekly ballet class or advanced technique. Under 8's must attend either a weekly ballet class or junior combined technique.


*Ballet can be done in either a RAD exam class (2-3 classes per week) or casual RAD class (1 class per week - no exam).


*All Musical Theatre/Song & Dance, Jazz, Lyrical and Small Group team members must attend the combined technique class (in addition to ballet).


*All tap and acrobatic team members must attend the corresponding technique class for their genre (in addition to ballet).


Any student who misses more than 1 eisteddfod class/rehearsal per term for reasons other than illness or school commitments may be removed from part or all of eisteddfod routines. 100% commitment to eisteddfod classes is imperative.

Technique class and Performance team class fees are combined into a package - see fees

Is there a uniform?

All team members are required to purchase an “Eisteddfod Team Pack” that includes a tracksuit, class uniform and ballet leotard. Boys must purchase a singlet and tracksuit.

NAPA bags are available in a variety of sizes but are not compulsory.

The class uniform MUST be worn in all dance and eisteddfod team classes and ballet.

The full uniform must be worn to and from all competitions with black or white sneakers.

Some costumes are based on a hire system although most costumes must be purchased.

WHAT performance STYLES are there?

SONG AND DANCE/MUSIC THEATRE: 8 and under, 12 and under, 15 and under

JAZZ: 10 and under, 12 and under, 15 and under.

LYRICAL: 10 and under, 12 and under, 15 and under.

TAP: 15 and under.

ACRO: 12 and under, 15 and under

These groups may or may not be entered into eisteddfods. 

All team members must compete with their age group. Team members cannot be part of more than 2 age groups unless placed in specialty items by Miss Kim.

Specialty items that are not rehearsed in class times may incur a rehearsal fee.

do i have to attend all performance TEAM cOMPETITIONS?

Team members and their guardian will be asked to sign a contract committing to the year’s competitions. If any team member cannot compete at certain competitions, notice will need to be given at the commencement of Term 1. 

where does the eisteddfod team compete?

Competition dates can be found on our calendar.