The National Academy of Performing Arts’ has established an Entertainment IndustryPre-professional program that provides exceptional training, individual mentoring and the provision of industry experience that will take you to the next level.The course is directed by renowned industry professional,Hollie Andrew, who will mentor future artists in the discovery of finding their individual pathway into the industry.

What we offer

  • A unique opportunity of mentorship to define each of our artists’ pathway into the entertainment industrythrough professional direction and individual consultation

  • Exposure in both training and performance within a diverse range of disciplines

  • CV building opportunities of performance (or associated creative roles) at a professional level,will be provided throughout the year including and not limited to; a school-basedproductiontour; a creation of a cabaret performance (or a choice of technical project creation), playing roles within NAPA Ensemble productions (professional shows).

  • A recognized pathway into either future study or work in the entertainment industry

  • Professional work opportunities

Structure of the course

  • The course is structured to all day Wednesday and Monday evenings of a range of classes.

  • This structure provides flexibility to work part-time whilst studying with us to assist in providing financial stability and involvement in additional part time activities that may benefit future careers and provide various “life experiences”.

Extra time will need to be devoted towards rehearsals and performances. A great attribute of this course is that we offer flexibility in the roles within these experiences e.g. directing, stage managing, screen writing,filming, recording, as well as performing.

Basic Course Outline

(The Course Outline may change according to the needs of our artists and opportunities that arise)

Please notethat the subjects listed below are compulsory for the first semester. We believe that an overall exposure and basic level of participationis the most beneficial training base for all artists regardless of their chosen career path or skill set. Consideration and adjustments to the course outline will be made to tailor for individual needs, strengths and future career choicesin Semester 2. 

Semester 1

  • Acting Technique: Script Analysis, Scene Study, Characterisation, Accent and Dialect

  • Improvisation

  • Acting for Camera

  • Audition Techniques

  • Cold Reads

  • Mock Professional Auditions

  • History of Styles of Performance

  • Industry Study

  • Performance Practice/Master Class

  • Vocal Techniques

  • SingingTechniques

  • Song Repertoire/Cabaret

  • CV & Folio preparation

  • Dance: Selection of Jazz, Tap, Classical and Commercial Dance with the opportunity for some specialty workshops in other forms.

Semester 2

Techniques taught in this semester will be tailored to individual needs depending on student career pathway choices.


$6,000(+GST) for the year. $1000 deposit must be paid on acceptance of placement. This is not refundable if the course is not completed due to student choice. If for some extenuating circumstances the course is not delivered by NAPA, the deposit will be refunded. The rest of the fees will be paid monthly over 10 months at $500 (+GST) a month through the auto-pay system. Details of how to do this will be given on enrolment. 

Entry Requirement

Applicants must have completed secondary education and be 17+ at the time of commencement.  

How to apply

Complete the Application Form below and email an audition video to the NAPA Director. In the video – talk about yourself and what you are hoping to achieve from the course. Also include in your video a 1-2-minute monologue suitable for stage or TV and a song best suited to your voice. If you are a dancer, send your show reel. If your initial application is successful, the applicant will be contacted to have a personal or online interview and a further audition if required. The deadline for the audition video and application is Monday 7 January. Placement offers will be given by the 18th January.

Name *

In applying for the NAPA PRE-PROFESSIONAL PROGRAM you will need to acknowledge the following:

  • You have read the conditions and standards required for the enrolment and completion of this course.

  • You have understood the guidelines and course outlines.

  • You are willing to be asked to audition for the course and only if you are successful will you be offered a place in the program.

  • If at any point the Directors of the course feel that you are not performing to the standard required to graduate, or your behaviour does not adhere to the basic requirements needed in the course, you will be asked to leave.

  • When offered a position in the program, you will be required to pay a non-refundable deposit of $1000 that will not be returned should you change your mind or not fulfil the course requirements. 

  • You have understood the required contact hours needed to complete the course and will be available to attend all classes.


2018 School Tour

‘Minefields and Miniskirts’


Christmas Carols

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2018 Graduates

Chloe Rechichi, Annabelle Stevenson and Phoebe Horn with Miss Hollie Andrew